Brighten Your Year End


As we start to move toward the end of 2015, it’s time to check your health care plan and your FSA or HSA to see whether you’ve fully utilized your benefits. Have you used the allocated number of hygiene visits in your dental plan? Have you used the money set aside in your Flex Plan? It’s time to check your account and see if you have a balance that you’ll lose at the end of this year. Is your child up to date on fluoride treatments, sealants, and their hygiene care?

It’s also time to plan ahead for next year. Will your child have any restorative needs that you can use Flex Plan money for? Is a trip to the orthodontist in the cards for next year? Ask Dr. Laura whether it should be done now or later. Age 7 is the ideal time for a first visit to the orthodontist, and some orthodontists offer a free initial exam, so plan accordingly.

With so many options available today for maximizing your health care spending, it’s important that you know your plan and quarterly review your status in your plan. You don’t want to leave any of your hard earned money in an FSA at the end of the year. Our administrative team is able to help you maximize your benefits with us, and of course always check in with your office plan administrator.