Parent’s often wonder when it’s the right time to bring their child in for an appointment. The answer surprises some: as soon as your child has teeth and no later than six months after the teeth first appear – and seeing a pediatric dental specialist can make all the difference. Our staff is uniquely qualified to take care of the special dental needs of kids during their growing years – from when the teeth first erupt to around age 20. Growing children present special challenges that only a pediatric dentist is specially trained to handle.

Your child’s first visit to the dentist can make a tremendous difference in how he or she feels about going to the dentist from that day forward. That’s why every member of the Lancaster Children’s Dental Team is committed to making it a great experience. The first thing we’ll do is take the time to get to know you and your child, discuss your child’s history and make sure you’re comfortable with our office and approach.


It is normal for young children to feel nervous or anxious at their first visit. Parents can make a big difference by keeping a positive attitude and not using any words that the kids might respond negatively to (like needle or drill). Our team will back you up by doing everything we can to reduce any anxiety and make going to the dentist something your children will look forward to. Our staff members love kids and promise to go the extra mile.